Abundant Floral

Africa Global, Inc.

Ambit Group

America Online

American Chemical Society

American Pharmacists Association

Arena Stage


Ascent Logic Corporation


Booz-Allen and Hamilton

BT Marine

Carpenter's Shelter

Cable and Wireless

Center for Marine Conservation

City of Denver

Colorado Small Defense Contractors

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education

Constellation Communications, Inc.

Corporate Council on Africa

Clark Construction


Datatrac Information Services, Inc.


Equator Bank, London

Fannie Mae Foundation

Fillmore Digital Media

Federal Aviation Administration—Canada

Ford Aerospace

Freedom Forum

Fulcrum IT Services Company (formerly GMRI, Inc.)

Gatehouse Media

Gemini Ventures

George Washington University

General Electric

Global Science & Technology, Inc.

Industrial Training Corporation

Infoactive, Inc.

InphoMatch, Inc.

Interactive Media

Jack Morton Worldwide

JuiceBox Design Communications, Inc.

Kreative Data Links, Inc.


Merit Shop Foundation

Mirus Digital Media, Inc.

Mozambique Embassy

NAEP (The Nations Report Card)


Newspaper Association of America

Nigerian Embassy

O'Keefe Communications, Inc.

Opera Telecom

Performance Systems Group, Inc.


Piquant Graphics, Inc.

Printing Solutions, Inc.


Pyramid, Inc.

RaffertyWeiss Media

Rockwell International

Scribblers Inc.

Secure Solutions, LLC

SELBRE Associates, Inc.

Small Business Administration

Small Business Investment Club of America

Software Metrics, Inc.

Studiengesellschaft für Energiespeicher und Antriebssysteme (S.E.A.) Austria

The Lewin Group

Touchstone Forensics, LLC


Union Pacific

United Technologies

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

U.S. Postal Service


Virtual Media

West Production Services, Inc.

Western Automation Laboratories, Inc.

Windwalker Corporation

Wireless Media Consulting, Inc.

World Bank

Xerox Corporation

Youth Marketing International

Z-Graphix, Inc.



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